Wall Mounted Series Wall Mounted ERV Energy Recovery Ventilation ( With CO2 Sensor Version)

● Multiple HEPA purification of  99%

● Indoor & outdoor air filtration

● High efficiency heat and humidity recovery

● Indoor slight positive pressure

● High efficiency fan with DC motors

● Air quality Index(AQI) monitoring

● Silence operation

● Remote control








Products Detail



In order to meet the needs of customers all around the world, Holtop developed and produced two versions of Wall Mounted Energy Recovery Ventilation, one version can be equipped with a PM2.5 sensor, and the other form can be equipped with a CO2 sensor. Users can select the version according to the actual needs.
When the room is crowded, the CO2 concentration will be higher than normal,  it is recommended to choose a version that can equip with a CO2 Sensor. The CO2 sensor will detect the CO2 concentration value, then the ERV will automatically run at high speed.


Specifications of CO2 Sensor Version Wall Mounted ERV Energy Recovery Ventilation

Model ERVQ-B150-1A1
Airflow (m3/h) 150
Filtration efficiency (%) 99% HEPA
Filtration mode Pm2.5 purify / Deep purify / Ultra purify
Speed DC / 8 speed
Input power (W) 35
Temperature efficiency (%) 82
Noise dB(A) 23 – 36
Control Touch screen panel / Remote control
Air quality display CO2 / Temp & R.H
Operational Mode Manual / Auto / Timer
Suitable room size (m2) 20 – 45
Dimension (mm) 450*155*660
Weight (kg) 10

Comprehensive Timely Monitoring,

Intelligent Multiple Purification Modes

SWITCH Original function of “Pure L” “Pure L” “Pure H”,

30 mins Quick Deeply Clean

CO2 controller

Under mode “Auto”, the ERV will adjust supply air volume according to indoor CO2 range, corresponding speed as below:

CO2 value

Remark: To ensure sufficient indoor fresh air supply, the speed will rise automatically after mode “Auto” runs for a period of time, and will return to the original speed after 5-10 minutes. During this period, the speed displayed on the screen is different from the picture above.


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