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●The blower and exhaust fan are built-in indoors, which can not only introduce fresh outdoor air, but also discharge the polluted stale air indoors, achieving air replacement, and keeping the indoor space clean and comfortable.
●The built-in heat exchanger (rotary heat exchanger or plate heat exchanger) transfers the heat contained in the discharged indoor air to the fresh air that will be transmitted to the room, thereby pre-cooling or pre-heating the fresh air.
● Various functional sections such as filter section, cold/hot section and humidification section can be selected and combined according to the design plan to meet different air treatment requirements.

Products Detail

Product Details

Holtop has the most advanced air handling equipment, which can be applied from small office spaces to large industrial areas. The common point of all projects in this series is that the development of systems and components meets the lowest energy consumption. Heat exchangers, motors and fan units have been tested in the laboratory and on-site to meet current and future requirements and needs for low energy consumption.

The design of the HJK-E series modular air handling unit is strictly in accordance with the GB/T 14294-2008 national standard. Continuous research and development, update, adjustment and replacement have enabled the product to gradually establish its advantages in the field of heat recovery. Holtop’s new-generation “U” series air handling units far exceed normal standards in many performance characteristics.

Main features

Antifreeze cold bridge design

-Using high-density PU foam double-layer panel clips, the thermal fracture index meets the EU TB2 standard.

High mechanical strength

-The unit is composed of galvanized sheet inner skin, color steel outer skin and strong steel frame. Withstand pressure up to 200​​ 0Pa, suitable for large air volume applications.

High air tightness

-Dual inlay seals tightly connect the frame and the panel, minimizing air leakage. Ensure that the air leakage rate under the positive pressure within 1000pa is less than 1%.

Flexible combination

-Using 100mm module design, frame and panel replacement is more flexible and quick

According to design requirements, it is convenient for parts delivery and on-site assembly.

Product name Air handling unit
Material Stainless steel
Function Heat recovery,adjust cold/heat/humidity
Application Home,office,factory,plaza,toilets and other house
Filter class G4+F7+H10
Place of origin Beijing,China


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