Celebrate the 21st anniversary of Holtop Group!



2002 – 2023

Holtop has gone through 21 years

From dozens of people to more than 600 people

Developed from less than 2,000 square meters of workshops to

Asia’s largest fresh air equipment manufacturing base

From China to the world

Holtop has always insisted on 21 years

The enterprise spirit of “pragmatic, responsible, cooperative and innovative”

Do a good job in products, do a good job in service, do a good job in the enterprise

Pilot the development of air treatment in the field of health, comfort and energy saving

Twenty-one years old is in the prime of life

Work hard, look forward to the future.


2002 – 2023

Holtop continuously realizes technological innovation

Based on energy-saving air treatment technology

Create a four-dimensional architectural concept

From a single fresh air product to a multi-series product

Solutions for fresh air, air conditioning, and environmental protection systems

Solve the needs of users for a comfortable environment

Twenty-one years old is in the prime of life

The company will continue to increase investment in product research and development

Stimulate stronger innovation vitality

Strong support for high-quality development of enterprises



2002 – 2023

Holtop never forgets its original intention and forges ahead

Shoulder the corporate mission of making air treatment more healthy, comfortable and energy-saving

Master the core technology of air treatment

Solve the actual needs of customers

Leading the development of energy-saving air treatment industry

Twenty-one years old is in the prime of life

Facing a Bright Future Full of Opportunities and Challenges

Universal Top will continue to take root in the manufacturing industry

Actively introduce industry talents, with full enthusiasm

With continuous innovation of fresh air, air conditioners, and environmental protection products

Serve a better life