HOLTOP Air Conditioning System empowers Hangzhou Qiantang Smart City.

As the high-quality integration of the Yangtze River Delta accelerates and integrates, the demand for the landing of high-tech and high-growth enterprises continues to increase. Hangzhou Qiantang Smart City emerges with 6 5A grade office buildings. The office building uses Holtop intelligent and energy-efficient air conditioning system to meet the needs of indoor environmental comfort, cleanliness, and freshness. Meanwhile, the application of heat recovery technology and mechatronic integration design empowers Qiantang Smart City to be more intelligent and energy-efficient.


Qiantang Smart City is situated in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, with a total construction area of approximately 160,000 square meters. It is a “Belt and Road Initiative” headquarters base project of Shangcheng District and Qiantang Smart City. Centering on three major industrial sectors of digital energy, digital fashion, and smart Internet of Things, Qiantang Smart City achieves a splendid transformation from traditional industrial parks to urban high-tech industrial parks, facilitating Hangzhou to exert the role of the southern wing central city of the Yangtze River Delta and propel the development of the Hangzhou metropolitan area.


A total of 102 sets of Holtop rotary heat recovery air handling units, direct expansion air handling units, roof-top air conditioning units, and fresh air purification systems are used in Hangzhou Qiantang Smart City office buildings. Based on the environmental needs and installation conditions of different areas in the office building, the Holtop air conditioning system not only ensures the indoor air comfort and intelligent control but also takes into account energy savings, effectively reducing building energy consumption and lowering usage costs.


In large and medium-sized meeting rooms, reception rooms, exhibition halls, and other areas with large space, Holtop roof-top air conditioning units are used. The integrated design of mechanical and electrical of the whole machine integrates cooling, heating, and air treatment. It has a small footprint, can be installed and used immediately, which not only shortens the construction period but also saves initial investment. The unit is equipped with advanced control logic, which controls the operation of the system intelligently according to relevant parameters of indoor air. After the setting is completed, one-button start-up and immediate use can quickly meet the environmental cooling and heating needs of large spaces and reach the preset requirements in the shortest time.


In other areas where temperature and humidity need to be regulated, Holtop direct expansion air handling units are employed. These units do not require supporting equipment like pumps and cooling towers, offering more flexible installation positions, ease of use, and convenient maintenance. The sensing device within the system features high sensitivity, capable of accurately sensing temperature and humidity changes in the room, and automatically adjusting the operating state of the unit to create a comfortable, oxygen-rich, and clean indoor air environment for the office area.


In high-rise commercial buildings, the energy consumption of central air conditioning accounts for approximately 60% of the building’s energy consumption. There is always a difficult-to-balance contradiction between improving indoor air quality, comfort, and air conditioning energy consumption. Therefore, whether the air conditioning system is energy-efficient also determines the cost of future building operations. Qiantang Smart City utilizes Holtop rotary wheel heat recovery air conditioning units, which employ heat recovery technology to recycle the exhaust air energy. This not only enhances the air comfort and freshness but also reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning system. Simultaneously, a smaller-sized cold and heat source unit can be chosen, thereby reducing the initial investment in equipment.


In the field of air handling heat recovery, Holtop has always been in a leading position in the industry and has participated in the formulation of multiple industry standards. In modern buildings, the use of heat recovery air conditioning systems and intelligent control has become an industry standard. In more buildings, Holtop heat recovery air conditioning systems are playing an important role, providing better air quality and more energy-efficient system operation.