HOLTOP-CFA Series Energy Recovery Ventilators-ERVs/HRVs

HOLTOP CFA series energy recovery ventilation(ERVs/HRVs), catering to the European habit to invent and manufacture, designed to meet the needs of European more places of fresh air, HOLTOP CFA series energy recovery ventilation(ERVs/HRVs) function, performance and production process have reached the international leading level, with the unique structure, flexible installation, intelligent control system and high-quality use of the effect of among the European premium market, they have been widely loved by European customers!


HOLTOP-CFA Series Energy Recovery Ventilators-ERVs/HRVs


Airflow 150-2000CMH can be selected, fresh air, exhaust air two kinds position can be selected, beautiful appearance, easy to install.

Internal EPS one-piece structure, good sealing, low noise, two fans are placed in the center, the wind is uniform, heat exchange is more adequate.

Adoption of bite sealing technology greatly improves the strength of the shell, no air leakage at the sealing place, and improves the efficiency of air supply.

The heat exchanger adopts the fifth generation of heat exchanging paper, with higher heat exchanging efficiency and more comfortable and energy-saving air supply. Heat exchange technology is the core technology of HOLTOP, representing the high level in the industry in China.

The control is more intelligent, realizing 4 modes of adjustment, 12 basic functions, 4 advanced functions and 5 preset functions. Intelligent control to meet the user’s multiple use needs.

In addition to the CE-certified European version, there also have CSA-certified North American(150-500CMH) version of the HOLTOP CFA series of fresh air ventilators to meet different market demands.

 HOLTOP  CFA Series-2

Airflow 250-500CMH optional, top air outlet, left and right type two installation modes, beautiful appearance, easy to install.

Adopting EPP one-piece internal structure, built-in double EC fans, high air supply efficiency, sturdy and durable.

The heat exchanger adopts the 3D counter-current heat exchange core technology of HOLTOP, with the heat recovery efficiency of up to 95%,higher heat recovery efficiency.

Body control and remote control two control forms can be selected, four modes of adjustment and control, more intelligent to meet the user’s needs for a variety of uses.

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CFA series ceiling mounted Energy Recovery ventilators (CE Certified)

CFA series ceiling mounted Energy Recovery ventilators (CSA Certified )

CFA Series Compact HRV High Efficiency Top Port Vertical Heat Recovery Ventilator(250~350~500 m3/h)

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