In order to welcome the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, keeping things on track, and staying safe , Holtop has played a significant role in the Hangzhou Qiantang Health Station project. As a prominent representative project focusing on health security for the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, Holtop has promptly responded to the demand from program design, equipment production and on-site commissioning, providing air conditioning equipment and solutions such as direct expansion air handling units and rooftop air handling units for the health station to ensure that the air conditioning system construction is with high quality.


Located in Qiantang District of Hangzhou City, Hangzhou Qiantang Health Station Project is an important initiative to strengthen epidemic prevention and control and safeguard the 19th Asian Games. Encompassing an area of 207.9 acres, the site consists of three functional zones: the Health Station Zone, Comprehensive Service Zone, and Logistics Support Zone. The Health Station comprises 3,620 isolation rooms and 612 rooms for logistics and medical support. Its completion not only serves as a safeguard for the upcoming 19th Asian Games but also carries the significant responsibility of fortifying epidemic prevention and control in Hangzhou.

The Hangzhou Qiantang Health Station project was built using modular design, with the assembly rate of some individual buildings exceeding 90%. With a short construction period and high assembly rate, the demands on the air conditioning system are elevated. Considering the architectural characteristics and functional requirements, Holtop has devised a scientifically-based fresh air conditioning solution, utilizing state-of-the-art direct expansion fresh air handling units and rooftop air handling units. The unit configuration incorporates plate-type primary filtration, electronic purification medium filtration, and pleated high-efficiency filtration to meet the rapid regulation of temperature and humidity, and at the same time, to ensure the cleanliness of the incoming air, creating a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.
Holtop’s direct expansion air handling system consists of two components: the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. Requiring no auxiliary equipment like water pumps or cooling towers, the system boasts a well-organized layout and flexible installation, making it particularly suitable for assembly-style buildings like the Qiantang Health Station. The system’s high-sensitivity sensing devices accurately perceive indoor temperature and humidity changes, automatically adjusting the unit’s operational state. The unit is equipped with a variety of filtration filters, which makes the air in the health station more “healthy”.

Holtop rooftop air handling unit is more integrated and easier to install, no need to equip a special machine room. Once the units are positioned on the rooftop and connected to the supply and return air ducts, the system setup is complete. Requiring no additional auxiliary facilities, the units meet indoor air quality requirements, reducing both project duration and initial investments. WThe powerful air treatment function of the unit realizes all-round air supply coverage from a long distance, and the intelligent control system realizes temperature and humidity control, parameter setting, status display, fault alarm and other functions.

According to the unified deployment and requirements of Hangzhou Municipal Government, Hangzhou Qiantang Health Station project is an important initiative to strengthen epidemic prevention and control and support the 19th Asian Games. Given the tight schedule, substantial tasks, and significant challenges of the Health Station project, the test of supporting manufacturers is more stringent. Holtop with rich project experience, excellent technical capabilities and formidable manufacturing capabilities, to fully meet the requirements of the project, which includes tasks like conceptual design, equipment supply, and calibration, earning high acclaim from clients and contributing the company’s strength to support the 19th Asian Games and facilitating the Health Station’s construction.

Whenever there’s a big event or a crucial project for public safety, Holtop never fails to mobilize all kinds of resources. We bring together top-notch technical, manufacturing, and service teams, and We always live up to the expectations. We complete the construction of ventilation and air conditioning systems with high quality, providing the essential support for the smooth execution of various events.