HOLTOP-Low Temperature Type Air Source Chiller(Heat Pump)

HOLTOP-Low Temperature Type Air Source Chiller(Heat Pump)

Exquisite design

The low temperature air source heat pump chiller is a central heating unit with air as the thermal energy source, water as the heat transfer medium. It uses clean energy for heating to replace traditional coal fired boilers, which can realize cooling in summer and heating in winter. Based on the modular air cooled heat pump chiller, Holtop low temperature series adopts the EVI technology to further expand the operating range and energy efficiency of the unit.

Using EVI compressor

The unit adopts EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) high efficiency compressor with air injection and enthalpy increase. Compared with conventional compressors, EVI compressor has one more air return port, through which part of the medium-pressure gas can be introduced to achieve secondary compression in one compressor. Due to the introduction of medium-pressure gas supplementary air, the suction capacity of the compressor is increased, the system refrigerant circulation volume and outdoor heat exchange heat capacity are greatly improved, and the cooling and heating capacity is increased by about 10-20% compared with ordinary compressor units. Especially in the low temperature environment place, the heating capacity is excellent, and it can be used as the latest choice for winter heating, with lower operating costs.

Excellent energy efficiency ratio (EER)

Holtop low temperature air source heat pump unit is designed for ultra efficient and low temperature operation in cold regions. The unit has excellent operating performance, with heating COP as high as 3.64 and cooling COP as high as 3.48,The heating and cooling performance of the unit has been comprehensively improved. And the unit is matched with advanced high efficiency heat exchanger and parallel control technology, which can make the unit’s comprehensive partial load performance coefficient IPLV as high as 4.12, saving more operating costs for users.

Wide temperature range in operation

The lowest operation temperature of traditional air cooled heat pump chiller is -10°C. But the low temperature air source heat pump chiller based on the EVI technology would still have good heating performance in the low outdoor temperature environment of -10°C. The temperature of the heating operation environment is extended from -10°C to -25°C of the conventional unit, greatly expanding the application area and range of the air cooled heat pump. This low temperature series of units can be combined with conventional units, which can make the choice of air conditioning solutions more flexible.


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