HOLTOP–Three Control Constant Temperature And Humidity Air Conditioning Unit

HOLTOP three-control constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit through the recovery of external condensing heat as a reheat heat source, to achieve the reheat air temperature Infinitely adjustment, constant indoor temperature and humidity, so that the air treatment is more accurate, comfortable, energy-saving, and create a more pleasant indoor environment for the user.

HOLTOP--Three control constant temperature and humidity unit

HOLTOP three-control constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit has three connecting pipelines between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit, and compared with the ordinary air conditioning system, there is an additional “reheat pipe” for reheat, which can be interpreted as the reheat condenser of the indoor unit recovers part of the condensation heat originally discharged into the atmosphere by the outdoor unit. Through the DC inverter and heat recovery technology, the unit not only makes the air treatment more comfortable, but also achieves the purpose of energy saving.

HOLTOP-additional reheat pipe

Three Control Constant Temperature And Humidity And Humidity Air Conditioning Unit  features as follows:

Dehumidification without cooling down, more comfortable air

 HOLTOP three-control constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit adopts DC frequency conversion compressor, utilizing the recovered energy to heat the low-temperature air after dehumidification, keeping the temperature of indoor air relatively constant, truly dehumidifying without cooling, sending dry air without irritation, and keeping the indoor air always in a comfortable state.

Infinitely adjustable, high adjustment precision

 HOLTOP three-control constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit adjusts the flow of refrigerant in the reheat condenser by controlling the size of the reheat electronic expansion valve opening, and the electronic expansion valve is a stepping motor, which is able to accurately distribute the refrigerant flow of the outdoor condenser and the indoor unit reheat condenser and achieve stepless regulation of reheat volume and higher control precision.

Waste heat reuse, more energy-saving

 HOLTOP three-control constant temperature and humidity air conditioning unit through the recovery of outdoor condensing heat as constant temperature and humidity application reheat heat source, solving the traditional air conditioning dehumidification through electric heating or other ways to warm up again when there is a high energy consumption of cold and heat offset, can save 50% to 60% of the energy consumption, to achieve the air conditioning system of the place of constant temperature and humidity application of energy-saving and stable operation.


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