HOLTOP three-pipe constant temperature and humidity control air handling unit. This unit leverages reclaimed heat from the outdoor unit’s condensation process, acting as a reliable reheating source for seamless adjustment of the air output temperature. By maintaining consistent indoor temperature and humidity levels, it ensures precise, comfortable, and energy-efficient air treatment, creating an enhanced indoor environment for all occupants.

Setting itself apart, HOLTOP new air handling unit showcases a design featuring three interlinked pipes connecting the outdoor and indoor units. Distinguished from standard systems, it incorporates an extra “reheating pipe” designed explicitly for the reheating process. Essentially, the indoor unit’s reheating condenser recaptures a portion of the outdoor unit’s condensation heat that would typically dissipate into the atmosphere. Through innovative DC inverter and heat recovery technology, this unit not only elevates comfort levels but also significantly reduces energy consumption.


Dehumidification without cooling, for a more comfortable air experience


unit optimally utilizes recovered energy to warm the dehumidified, low-temperature air, maintaining a consistent indoor air output temperature. This advanced approach ensures effective dehumidification without inducing cooling effects, providing dry airflow without compromising comfort, thereby consistently delivering a pleasant indoor atmosphere.

Stepless control with high precision adjustment


The unit finely regulates refrigerant flow in the reheating condenser through precise control of an electronic expansion valve. This electronically-driven valve, powered by a stepper motor, meticulously manages the refrigerant distribution between the outdoor unit’s condenser and the indoor unit’s reheating condenser, enabling seamless adjustment of reheating capacity and enhancing control accuracy.

Reusing waste heat for increased energy efficiency


By repurposing outdoor unit condensation heat as a reheating source, HOLTOP three-pipe unit resolves the energy inefficiency commonly associated with traditional air conditioning systems. These systems often rely on electric heating or other methods to reheat after dehumidification, resulting in energy loss. Claiming impressive energy savings of 50% to 60%, this unit ensures stable and energy-efficient operation, catering perfectly to spaces that demand consistent temperature and humidity control.