The 35th International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Food Freezing & Processing Exhibition (2024 China Refrigeration Expo) was held from April 8 to 10,2024 in Beijing - China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall).

Holtop at the China Refrigeration Exhibition

Holtop Booth at the China Refrigeration Exhibition

In this exhibition, the new products and solutions displayed in the three exhibition areas of "Heat Exchanger, Fresh Air and Air Conditioning" attracted industry experts, design institute teams, domestic and foreign businessmen and many famous media to visit.


Heat Exchanger Exhibition Area

Holtop masters the core technology of heat recovery, is committed to the research and development of air heat recovery technology, and the self-developed heat exchanger products are widely used in various fields.

The rotor heat exchanger, U-type heat pipe heat exchanger, 3D countercurrent heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger and other products have outstanding energy-saving effect and have received high attention from customeHoltop at the China Refrigeration EXPO (5)

Holtop at the China Refrigeration EXPO (3)

Fresh Air Exhibition Area

The export volume of fresh air system developed by Holtop continues to grow, selling well in Russia, Finland, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and other countries, the products have passed various foreign certifications and meet the needs of different countries for fresh air equipment. The fresh air exhibition area displays the best-selling Silm series,THC series,CRA series,H series and other series, the application of new technology and new products perfectly interpreted the "let the world breathe the good air of Holtop" the good wishes.Holtop at the China Refrigeration EXPO (1)

Air-conditioning Exhibition Area

Holtop Air Conditioning exhibited "Inverter Integrated Rooftop Air Handling Unit" with powerful air treatment capability, "Low Temperature Air Source Heat Pump Unit" which is fearless of low temperature environment, "Inverter Condensing and Exhaust Heat Recovery Fresh Air Unit" which is more energy-saving, and other products. Holtop with "full frequency conversion" + "comfortable wind" technology to redefine the digital intelligent air treatment.



In the future, Holtop will never stop on the road of innovation, let's meet at 2025 China Refrigeration Expo to experience the change of science and technology innovation on future life.