Warm Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the HOLTOP Group

Warm Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the HOLTOP Group.

From 2002 to 2024, HOLTOP energy saving technology of air treatment as the basis for the creation of four-degree building concepts fresh air, air conditioning, environmental protection system solutions to solve the domestic and foreign customers of the demand for the comfortable environment, HOLTOP twenty-two years has always adhered to the “pragmatic, responsible, collaborative, innovative” entrepreneurial spirit, doing a good job in the field of products, services and enterprises, and constantly leading the development of healthy, comfortable and energy-saving air treatment.


During the past twenty-two years, HOLTOP has continuously realized technological innovation, participated in the preparation of a number of national technical standards, and obtained more than twenty invention patents, more than thirty appearance technology patents, etc. HOLTOP products developed by HOLTOP have obtained more than one hundred certifications both at home and abroad, from commercial to household, from industrial to environmental protection, a road of technological and product innovation has been promoting the development of HOLTOP for the past twenty-two years.

2002, HOLTOP fresh air products were listed on the market, and the first patent of fresh air technology was obtained, which opened the road of HOLTOP’s technological innovation.

2003 to 2007, HOLTOP heat exchanger were enriched, and the heat recovery technology was in the leading position in China.

2008 to 2018, the heat recovery air-conditioning unit developed by HOLTOP filled the market gap, and was loved by customers as soon as it hit the market. During this decade HOLTOP has obtained more than ten invention patents and more than thirty utility model and appearance patents.

2019 to 2024, DX air conditioning, modular machines, air source heat pumps and other products have been recognized by the market and trusted by customers, during this period HOLTOP obtained more than ten invention patents, more than fifty new type and appearance patents and fifteen software copyrights.


Over the past twenty-two years HOLTOP’s technological innovation continues every day, solving customers’ needs with leading technology and superior products, leading the development of energy-saving air treatment industry. In the future, HOLTOP will continue to be rooted in the manufacturing industry, continue to increase investment in R&D, constantly improve production, sales and after-sales processes, and serve the better future life with full enthusiasm and innovative products.



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