Plate Cross Counterflow Heat Exchangers

● Model: HBS-LB539/316
● Type: Cross counter flow sensiable heat exchanger (Recuperator)
● Material: Aluminum Foils
● Total separation of Fresh Air & Exhaust Air
● Heat recovery efficiency up to 90%
● Two sides press shaping
● Single folded edge,good sealing

Products Detail

Working principle of Air to Air Cross Counterflow Plate Type Sensible Heat Exchangers (Recuoperator)

Two neighbor aluminum foils form a channel for fresh or exhaust air stream. Heat is transferred when the partial air streams flow crossly and partial air streams flow counter through the channels, and fresh air and exhaust air is totally separated.

Main features of Holtop High Efficiency Heat recuperators

1.Sensible heat recovery core
2.Total separation of fresh & exhaust air streams
3.Heat recovery efficiency up to 90%
4.2-side press shaping
5.Single folded edge
6.Completely joint sealing

2-side pressed shaping

Single folded edge

@3 times plate thickness

Completely joint sealiing

Performance chart

All data figured out above air tested according to GBT 21087-200



Model A(mm) B(mm) Length per piece (C) Optional spacing (mm)
HBS-LB539/316 316 539 Custom-made Max. 650mm 2.1

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