Holtop DC Inverter Air Conditioners DX Coil Air Handling Units

Features of Indoor Unit
Use Holtop core heat recovery technology to effectively reduce the heat and cold load caused by ventilation, save energy and environmental protection, promote air circulation, and breathe healthy air
Keep indoor and outdoor dust, particulate matter, formaldehyde, peculiar smell and other harmful substances outside, and enjoy the natural, fresh and healthy air.

Features of Outdoor Unit

Adopt a number of leading technologies to build a more powerful, stable and efficient cooling system.
Innovative noise reduction technology minimizes the operating noise of indoor and outdoor machines and creates a quiet environment.
New shell design, better stability and better appearance.

Products Detail

DC inverter DX AHU

Holtop DC DX Air Handling Unit includes DC Inverter DX air conditioner outdoor unit and constant frequency DX air conditioner outdoor unit these two series.

The capacity of DC inverter DX AHU is 10-20P, while the capacity of constant frequency DX AHU is 5-18P.

On the basis of constant frequency DX AHU, the newly developed DC inverter DX AHU adopts the enhanced vapor injection technology to open a new era of low-temperature heating.

The new design of air-conditioning system and self-developed control program give full play to product performance and bring users a more comfortable air-conditioning experience.

Item/Series DC Inverter Series Constant Frequency Series
Cooling capacity (kw) 25 – 509 12 – 420
Heating Capacity (kw) 28 – 569 18 – 480
Airflow (m3/h) 5500 – 95000 2500 – 80000
Frequency Range of Compressor (Hz) 20 – 120 /
Max. length of Pipe (m) 70 50
Max. Drop (m) 25 25
Operating Range Cooling Outdoor DB temperature (°C) -5-52 15 – 43
Indoor WB temperature (°C) 15 – 24 15 – 23
Heating Indoor DB temperature (°C) 15 – 27 10-27
Outdoor WB temperature (°C) -20 – 27 -10-15

Indoor Unit

1. Heat exchanger:

There are cross-flow total heat exchangers, cross-flow plate heat exchangers or rotary heat exchangers to choose from to meet the different needs of customers.


2. PM2.5 solution
1) Efficiently remove haze
Equipped with a high-efficiency filter element, which can effectively remove PM2.5 particles carried in the air, ensuring that the outdoor air entering the indoor air is clean



3. Indoor formaldehyde removal solution
The indoor unit can be added with a formaldehyde removal module to effectively filter and decompose formaldehyde molecules; coupled with the replacement and dilution of heat exchangers and filters, double removal of formaldehyde.

formaldehyde removal

4. Bring fresh outdoor air
With this AHU, fresh outdoor air will be brought into the room. By increasing the oxygen concentration, reducing carbon dioxide, removing odors and other harmful gases, the indoor air quality is greatly improved.

Outdoor Unit


outdoor unit structure


outdoor unit structure 2

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