Holtop Suspended DX Coil Air Handling Units

●Combined with core technology of HOLTOP AHU, DX (Direct Expansion) coil AHU provide both AHU and outdoor condensing unit. It’s an flexible and simple solution for all building area, such as mall, office,Cinema,School etc.

●Holtop provides complete, scientific, and rigorous HVAC solutions for hospital projects to help customers solve problems. Specific problems are analyzed in detail, and different hospitals will get different solutions.

●Even for the same medical equipment and the same design company’s design, Holtop will further develop and provide exclusive solutions based on the site environment, equipment used, and operating conditions.

Products Detail

Holtop Suspended Ceiling DX Type AHU Direct Expansion Treated Fresh Air handling Unit

Combined with core technology of HOLTOP AHU, DX (Direct Expansion) coil AHU provide both AHU and outdoor condensing unit.

It’s an flexible and simple solution for all building area, such as mall, office,Cinema,School etc.

H7bd1f60e76844d5eac11ef412e4f1b1co Long piping design
The pipe connection length between indoor unit and outdoor unit can reach 50m, and the maximum drop can reach 25m. The indoor unit and outdoor unit can be installed on site more flexibly.
Hb921adec7bde4809909a5153ed5f702f3 Efficient refrigerant heat exchange flow pathEfficient two-in-one refrigerant confluence technology improves the liquid phase flow rate of the refrigerant, improves the overall heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchanger, and improves supercooling and strengthens the refrigerant tra
H08695a317a9b47408625ec3594448a11s High efficient heat exchange fins
The innovative high-efficiency low-pressure loss window fins are made of hydrophilic membrane aluminum, which can improve the heat transfer wet film heat transfer coefficient and improve the overall heat exchange performance of the unit.
 control system Comfort Control System
The wire controller is simple and convenient, flexible in application, and widely used in small and medium-sized office-level business spaces.
 dual temp monitor Functional control systemBuilding systems based on the MODBUS protocol can be directly connected to the centralized control system through the MODBUS communication interface standard on the unit, no need to access conversion equipment, and are suitable for large and mediumsized air-conditioning locations.Dual Temperature Sensors

Innovative design with two temperature sensors, one at return vent, and one at the control panel, to detect the indoor temperature around the room, and make sure the hot wind(winter heating mode) would be sent to each corner of the room uniformly.

 treated fresh air unit Control network topology diagramAdvanced silencing technology, More quiet and reliable operation
 green refrigrant Green RefrigrantThe Holtop HFM series SUSPENDED DX AIR HANDLING UNIT uses R410A as refrigerant, with zero ODP, to avoid damage to the ozone layer and at the same time, greatly improve cooling capacity.
 easy maintenance Easy maintenanceThe whole unit uses frameless foaming boards to construct, and self-tapping screws to connect these boards, making it very easy to be disassembled for maintenance.
 high ESP High ESP Design – Easy SelectionThe indoor unit generates a high ESP, making it possible to cover the whole area to avoid uneven distribution of temperature. Such feature makes solution and design much easier.
 temp range Wide Operation Temperature RangeEven at 15°C, the cooling function can be activated normally; Heating function can be activated at -10°C in winter. 

High efficient heat exchanger

New U-shaped heat exchanger U-shaped heat exchanger structure
As the core element of the refrigeration system, the heat exchanger directly determines whether the air conditioning system is reliable and energy-saving.
Holtop combined with many years of outdoor unit development experience and market demand, developed a new generation of U-shaped heat exchanger. Such advanced and efficient heat exchangers have made Holtop’s HFM series highly efficient and energy-saving, and also meeting the Holtop Vision of “making air treatment more healthy and energy-saving”.
The airflow of the fan is effectively used, and the heat exchange area is fully expanded without increasing the space of the unit, and the heat exchange efficiency is greatly improved.
Compact structure, high strength, more convenient for installation and maintenance
The use of hydrophilic membrane aluminum fins improves the heat transfer wet film heat transfer coefficient and provides the overall heat transfer coefficient of the unit.
The copper tube adopts φ7.94 thread copper tube, the flow rate is moderate, and the comprehensive performance of heat exchange defrosting is optimal.
The distance between φ7 copper tubes is the smallest, the frost has a great influence on the heat transfer, and the frost layer is thick, which affects the defrosting time.
The diameter of φ9.52 is large, the disturbance to the heat transfer boundary layer is small, and the heat transfer efficienty is low.U shape heat exchange

Both return air and fresh air indoor units availableThe HFM outdoor unit can work with both return air and fresh air Indoor unit, to meet different customers’ needs.SA data




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