Eco-Slim Series Residential Suspended Energy Recovery Ventilation (250~350 m3/h)

● Super slim design for easy installation

● External Zinc aluminum alloy sheet and Internal EPP unit structure

● Great sound absorption and whisper quiet operation

● High efficiency heat recovery up to 82%

● Sub-HEPA F9 filter integrated optional

● Bottom access for easy maintenance

● Optional: CO2 and humidity sensors function, auxiliary electric heating port



Products Detail

Holtop Eco-Slim Series Residential Suspended Energy Recovery Ventilation (250~350 m3/h)

 ECO-SLIM Energy Recovery Ventilation ERV 

Model ERVQ-D250-1A1 ERVQ-D350-1A1
Airflow 250m³/h 350m³/h
Room area 50-100㎡ 70-140㎡

10+ Superior Design

1. High Quality Casing — Alu-Zinc panel

  • Zinc aluminum alloy panel
  • The machine is durable for 15 years
  • Anti-corrosion, beautiful and durable
  • Smaller, thinner, lighter

2. EPP Inner Structure

High strength, light weight, sound insulation,environmental protection, odorless;High performance polymeric material Environment friendly;Widely used in high-end automobiles and aviation;


3. Easy Maintenance

Bottom and partial access available

Easy to replace the filter; Less space and easy maintenance;

Every important component can be independently maintained.

(Exhaust fan, supply fan, heat exchanger)

The filters can be replaced by manually opening the buckle.

(Primary filter, Medium filter, HEPA filter)

4. Low Noise

5. PM2.5 Purification

Multiple filters effectively removing PM2.5;The operating room grade filter material with high efficiency up to 99% PM2.5 filtration rate.Effectively filter dust, PM2.5 haze particles and other harmful substances, to make air cleaner and healthier.


6.  Energy-saving DC motor

120Pa E.S.P Satisfy Top / Ground air supply

Powerful DC driven; Large impeller with more powerful;16 years of running verification; Stronger and more stable.

7.  Fresh Air Ventilation+ Internal Circulated Purification

8. Quick removal of harmful particulates in 30 minutes

9. High efficiency Counter heat exchanger – low energy consumption

Equipped with HOLTOP new-developed counterflow heat exchanger;

Heat recovery efficiency is up to 86%;

The air supply is completely separated from the exhaust air to avoid cross-contamination;

The latest nano-scale fiber structure ensures temperature and humidity recovery efficiency and reduces energy consumption of air conditioners.

10. Intelligent control system

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