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Working principle of Holtop Fresh Air Dehumidification Systems

TheHoltopfresh air purification dehumidification system adopts the principle of cooling and dehumidification. By reducing the temperature of the air, the excess moisture in the air is fully dried, and then make theair with comfortable temperature and humidity through the reheating system.

Efficient heat exchange system

Holtop’s refrigeration heat exchange system uses a highly efficient hydrophilic membrane aluminum foil honeycomb heat exchanger.

Compared to other forms of heat exchangers, Holtop’s heat exchangers increase the vaporization area, with high vaporization efficiency, high speed and more contact surfaces. At the same time, the honeycomb fin structure increases the disturbance to the air, allowing the air and heat exchanger to exchange heat more fully.

Excellent refrigeration components

Holtop’s high-efficiency refrigeration dehumidification system uses international famous brand refrigeration accessories: solenoid valves, filters, etc., to ensure the reliability, stability, safety and performance of the dehumidifier.

Imported world famous compressor

Holtop uses imported international brand compressors with low noise and high efficiency.

Central dehumidification series

Single-way fresh air anti-haze central dehumidification series

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