Heat Pipe Type Heat Exchangers

● Low Temperature Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers
● Cooper tube with hydrophilic aluminum fin 
● Filled with special fluoride as heat exchange media
● Low air resistance,less condensing water 
● Better anti-corrosion,higher durability 
● Special heat insulation section avoids leakage and cross contamination
● Heat recovery efficiency much higher
● Zero energy consumption
● Free of maintenance,washable and long service life
● Application for heat recovery ventilation system AHU

Products Detail

Heat pipe heat exchanger-2

Main Feature of Holtop Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers (Recuperator)

1. Be Made of cooper tube with hydrophilic aluminum fin, low air resistance, less condensing water, better anti-corrosion.

2. Galvanized steel frame,better anti-corrosion and higher durability.

3. Heat insulation section separates heat source and cold source, liquid inside the pipe has no heat transfer to outside.

4. Special designed inner mixed air structure, more uniform airflow distribution, more sufficient heat exchange.

5. Different working area designed more reasonably, Special heat insulation section avoids leakage and cross contamination of supply air and exhaust air,

   heat recovery efficiency is 5% higher than the traditional design.

6. Inside the heat pipe is special fluoride without corrosion, it is much safer.

7. Zero energy consumption, no need special maintenance.

8. Safer, reliable, washable and long service life.

Working principle

When heating one end of the heat pipe, liquid inside this end evaporates,the steam flows to the other end under pressure difference.

Then steam will condense and release heat in the condensing end.Heat transfers from high temperature to low temperature finished, condensate flows back to the evaporating end.

In the same way, liquid inside the heat pipe evaporates and condenses circularly, so, heat is transferred from high temperature to low temperature constantly.

Take summer as sample



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