Holtop Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioner

●Holtop rooftop packaged air conditioner adopts industry-leading R410A scroll compressor with stable operation performance, the package unit can be applied into various fields, such as railway transportation, industrial plants, etc.

●Holtop rooftop packaged air conditioner is your best choice for any places where require minimum indoor noise and low installation cost.

Products Detail

Holtop roof combined air conditioning is a medium-sized air conditioning equipment integrating hVAC (refrigeration, heating, ventilation, etc.) functions, the whole unit includes compressor, evaporator, condenser, valve and other parts. In practical applications, holtop roof combined air conditioners are usually installed on the roof platform.
rooftop air conditioner

Product features:

1. Simple system and low cost:

Holtop combined roof air conditioning does not need refrigeration system, nor does it need cooling water system, which can save the cost of circulating pump, cooling tower and other related equipment of the system, thus reducing the cost investment and maintenance cost of HVAC system to a large extent.

2. Compact design, convenient and simple installation, small footprint

rooftop AC for buildings

Give full consideration to user requirements for installation. This machine adopts compact design concept, integrating indoor and outdoor units, without additional refrigerant pipe connection and field welding work, safe and convenient transportation and installation.

Holtop roof combined air conditioning can be placed on the outdoor floor or roof platform, without the need for machine room or indoor space specific space.

Before the operation of the system, only a small amount of power wiring, control wiring, pipeline wiring and other work, do not need to consume a lot of human and financial resources

3. Corrosion resistance, can cope with all kinds of harsh conditions

The structural parts of the unit are anticorrosive with powder coating. The high strength insulation frame, double PU sandwich board and special weatherproof structure design for outdoor installation ensure that it can adapt well to different climatic conditions in different regions.

4. Wide temperature range operation

winter and summer AC

The cooling mode can operate at extremely high and low temperatures, such as ambient temperatures of 43°C and 15°C, to meet the specific cooling requirements of certain applications in certain environments. It can be heated even if the outdoor temperature is as low as -10°C.

5. Customize machines according to requirements

We can design and manufacture holtop roof combined air conditioning specifications and functional components according to specific projects. For example, long-distance duct ventilation can use high external pressure to ensure that there is enough air in each corner room; Can meet the requirements of customers to select the unit parts, create ideal indoor climate conditions.

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