Holtop 11

Is it true that sometimes you feel so moody or upset,but you don’t know why.
May be it is just because you don’t breathing in fresh air.
Fresh air is essential to our well-being and overall health. It is a natural resource that is easily accessible to us, yet it is often overlooked in our daily lives. Breathing in fresh air helps to replenish our bodies with oxygen, which is essential for our vital organs to function properly. In addition, fresh air helps to clear our lungs of pollutants and toxins that we may have breathed in throughout the day.Fresh air has numerous benefits for our physical and mental health. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve our mood, and increase our energy levels. Exposure to fresh air has also been shown to improve our immune system, which can help us fight off infections and diseases.
So today Holtop is introducing some new products for your comfortable and healthy living environment.

New products at a glance
Holtop wall-mounted energy recovery ventilator (ERV):excellent option that offer effective air filtration, energy efficiency, and convenient operation.
ECO-PAIR/ ECO-PAIR+ single room energy recovery ventilator:an uncomplicated, individual and competent ventilation solution that will allow you to breathe easy. 

Holtop wall-mounted energy recovery ventilator (ERV):excellent option that offer effective air filtration, energy efficiency, and convenient operation.
As the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of clean, fresh, and germ-free ambient air, there has been a growing demand for ventilation systems that not only remove the indoor polluted air with ease and also provide a constant supply of clean filtered air. Holtop wall-mounted energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is a perfect solution that satisfies all these requirements and allow you and your family to live in an ideal indoor environment.

Pollen, dust and viruses have no chance
The significant feature of the wall-mounted ERV is its efficient air filtration system. The supply air side includes a primary filter, F5 filter, HEPA H10 filter, and activated carbon filters. These filters work together to purify the air and ensure that the indoor air quality is of the highest standard. The unit’s PM2.5 purification efficiency is impressive. The HEPA/activated carbon filters used filter out 99.95% of all particles from the air. This stops the spread of fine and household dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses almost completely. What’s more, the risk of infection from aerosols, which contribute to the spread of COVID-19 and influenza viruses, is reduced in the long term.

Save considerable heating costs through heat recovery
Struggling with high electricity bills by using the air conditioner and wanna lower energy bill? Most ventilation systems drive up heating and cooling costs while decreasing indoor comfort. Much like venting a room by opening a window, ventilation systems can degrade energy performance because they expel air without capturing the heat. Choosing Holtop, because the heat recovery efficiency of Holtop wall-mounted energy recovery ventilator is up to 82%,making it an ideal solution for homeowners looking to save considerable energy bill.

Easy to install and control with Tuya APP
With its intuitive control panel, users can easily adjust the settings to suit their needs.The remote control is supplied as standard.With Wi-Fi communication, it can be controlled by Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.On the one hand,users can create the scene according to the weather changes, schedule or the device status changes. On the other hand, users can add the devices with Tuya APP to their home screen.

Benefits for trade partners
Designed for both residential and commercial spaces
Two kinds of simple installation to suit room
Requires little space due to compact dimensions and wall mounting
Thin and light weight
Heat recovery efficiency up to 82%.

Benefits for users
Lower risk of infection thanks to the filtering of bacteria and viruses
Indoor air quality monitor (humidity + temperature + CO2).
Supply air purification with primary filter+medium filter+HEPA filter(H10) with activated carbon filter as standard, the PM2.5 purification efficiency is up to 99%.
Slight positive ventilation to ensure fresh air won’t come through doors orwindows without purification.
Brushless DC motor with low energy consumption for lower electricity costs, 8 speeds.
Silent operation noise (22.6-37.9dBA)
Smart phone control Android / IOS
Easy and intuitive operation via Tuya app