HOLTOP-DC Inverter DX Air Handling Unit

HOLTOP DC Inverter DX Air Handling UnitHeat Recovery and Purification Type

HOLTOP HFM series DX Air Handling Unit includes Dc inverter DX air conditioner outdoor unit and constant frequency DX airconditioner outdoor unit these two series. The capacity of Dc inverter DX AHU is 10-20P, while the capacity of constant frequencyDX AHU is 5-18P. 0n the basis of constant freguency DX AHU, the newly developed Dc inverter DX AHU adopts the enhanced vaporinjection technology to open a new era of low-temperature heating. The new design of air-conditioning system and self-developedcontrol program give full play to product performance and bring users a more comfortable air-conditioning experience.

DX ahu

Energy saving and environmental protection

The air handling unit system configured with fresh air and exhaust ducts adopts HOLTOP’s proprietary heat recovery device, which reduces the number of outdoor units by at least 30% and saves more than 35% of the annual operating costs.

Long piping design

The length of the piping link between the indoor and outdoor units can reach 50m, and the maximum height difference can reach 25m, which makes the installation of the indoor and outdoor units more flexible.

High efficiency and reliability

Refrigeration core components are selected from international famous brands, and R410A environmental protection refrigerant with ODP=0 is selected, which greatly improves the refrigeration capacity and avoids damaging the earth’s environment.

Intelligent control

HOLTOP customized the control system of the air handling unit, including the start and stop of the indoor unit’s fan, temperature and humidity control, anti-cold air, anti-icing, differential pressure alarm, anti-freezing protection, energy management, centralized control or remote control and other functions. The scientific control system ensures the safety and reliability of the system and prolongs the service life of the unit.

Customized service

HOLTOP DX type heat recovery purification air handling unit supports customization, which can be matched with various functions according to the needs of the site to better fit the customer’s requirements and achieve precise control of the ambient air.

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