Holtop Hospital project-Chongqing Public Health Emergency Hospital

Chongqing Public Health Emergency Hospital is a regional public health emergency hospital with high starting point, high standard and high quality planned and constructed by the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.


The fresh air air conditioning system is an important part of the indoor air conditioning of the hospital. The solution of Holtop DX AHU + digital intelligent fresh air system provides a strong guarantee for the hospital air quality, air comfort, air safety and intelligent control. The whole system is mainly composed of direct expansion outdoor units, fresh air units, exhaust air units, variable air volume modules, and intelligent control systems.


The project adopts 182 digital direct expansion air-conditioning units and 547 digital modules of Holtop. Among them, the direct expansion air conditioning unit is responsible for the air comfort, cleanliness and freshness of the hospital air. The digital module and the unit are linked to accurately adjust the air supply and exhaust volume, making the airflow organization more scientific and stable, and ensuring the safety of the air.

The efficient operation of the system depends on the Huandutop digital centralized control system. The automatic control seems simple, but it actually integrates very complex algorithms and control logic. It is like the brain of the system, which always perceives the changes of the system and adjusts to the best state. , is an important part of the smart hospital.