Holtop New Star Products Launch

After half year of waiting, Holtop New Start Products launch

1. New Miss Slim series ERV with OA heater

  • - Built in OA side electrical heating, super wide operating temperature range from -25 oC to 40 oC
  • - New design LCD backlit controller, different running status showed more clearly
  • - PTC ceramic heating elements to provide the constant temperature, faster heating and much safer, 24 hours continuous and effective ventilation, efficiency 50% higher
  • - Electrical heating integrated design, button access door, smaller installation room required, much more suitable for the flat use

2. New PM2.5 filter (F9 filter) models for Miss Slim and XHBQ-TH series

PM 2.5 means particulate matter with diameter less than 2.5μm, it is harmful to people’s health by subside in pulmonary alveoli, what’s more, such small particulate can go directly into blood vessel and cause more serious disease

New F9 filter, efficiency 96% above, say good by to the harmful particulate matter!

Available new model: