Russia has the largest amount of land area in the world, and the winter is frigid and chilly. In recent years, people have become more aware of the importance of a healthy climate indoors, and often point out the heat problems that are experienced during the winter.


Ventilation is however often lacking inside since all windows and vents are closed shut to reduce heat loss or draughts.

We know in winter, people prefer a healthy and pleasant climate, which includes a comfortable indoor temperature and sufficient ventilation.

In this case, we are referring to energy recovery ventilation, which is a system of circulating the air inside and outside of buildings to reduce air pollution inside.

It has some advantages like:

1. Enhances energy efficiency – incoming fresh air is pre-treated to reduce the amount of work the HVAC system has to perform, thereby reducing the system’s energy consumption.

2. Balanced humidity levels – During the summer, the ERV removes excess moisture from the incoming air; during the winter, it adds moisture to the dry cool air, helping to maintain the proper humidity levels in your home.

3. Improved indoor air quality – ERVs improve indoor air quality by bringing in a steady stream of air.

The performance of ERV is expressed in terms of ventilation volume, ventilation rate, ventilation frequency, etc.

Considering the outdoor ambient frigid temperature, the energy recovery ventilation system for Russia is a little different, defrosting function has to be taken into consideration.

Russia is a big country and there are territories with a warm climate and cold climate, for the energy recovery ventilation systems, there are 2 options in the Russian market, ERV built-in plate heat exchanger and a built-in rotary heat exchanger.


According to our experience, the plate heat exchanger seems more popular in most areas. The ERV is required to support the electrical heater to preheat the fresh air, especially for some applications with a ground heat exchanger system, combined with plate-type ERV is a perfect solution to save energy and make sure a comfortable indoor climate.

For rotary type ERV, it doesn’t require per heater, it can operate at -30 degrees without preheating because of the inverter control of the rotary heat exchanger. The running speed of the rotary heat exchanger can be adjusted according to the temperature and humidity of the exhaust air, it will run at low speed if the temperature of exhaust air is below 0 degrees or the relative humidity is closed to 100%. It can run efficiently in winter, but it has a more complicated structure and control logic, which will result in higher costs.


rotary heat exchanger

Besides, the heat pump heat recovery ventilator is a new generation solution in the Russian market. The advantage of this kind of heat pumps heat recovery ventilator is that there is no outdoor unit, everything is inside and compact in a complete machine. The heat recovery efficiency can be maximum of up to 140% with a double heat recovery system, the COP is more than 7 under the conditions of ambient temperature below -15℃. Moreover, the unit can run at ambient temperature from -15℃ to 30℃ in winter and summer with boosted performance. Compared with the traditional heat pump system, it has higher efficiency and runs smoothly and reduces energy consumption in extreme climates, and increases the comfort of supply air.heat pump

There are many different types of Energy Recovery Ventilators, you can choose based on your budget and needs. Understanding the differences in the most critical areas of performance can help you choose the right system and save money.

When determining what ventilation system is suitable for you, there are some factors to consider:

1. Your location and climate.

If you live in an area where your winters are long and chilly, you might opt for a plate ERV system with a preheater. Because the plate ERV with an external electrical heater allows the machine easily maintained, the home might not feel as dry, which may reduce issues like dry skin and static electricity.

But the ERV with plate heat exchanger is not ideal for the north Russia areas with temperatures lower than minus 40 or 50℃ in winters. It may actually be a better choice to choose the rotary type ERV, which could avoid the frosting of the machine.

2. Your budget.

Your budget should be another consideration when choosing the ventilation system. For rotary ERV, the initial purchase cost and the later maintenance are more expensive than the plate ERV.

3. Your project application.

In a rotary ERV, cooling energy is efficiently recovered, and moisture is recovered by using a sorption-coated rotor. They are normally found in office buildings, schools, etc.

While, as with the rotary heat exchanger, the temperature efficiency of plate ERVs can be as high as that of balanced supply and extract air, but for defrosting will be a problem, so if an external electrical heater is acceptable, it can be used in homes or many other different facilities.

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